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Updated: 22nd December 2014

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December 22nd - The START BUTTON is ready for our Major Refurbishment with work scheduled to get underway on 5th January 2015 - Follow this website for regular progress updates.

December 20th -
A BIG THANK YOU to ALL OUR VISITORS - We are now closed until Easter 2016 for a Major Refurbishment with a re-opening date scheduled for Easter 2016 to being you a TOTALLY NEW VISITOR EXPERIENCE.

December 20th - FANTASTIC - It was Saturday 20th December and 40 people attended the Final Guided Tour Finale of 2014 - Everyone enjoyed a coffee and mine pie before setting off on the tour - Our Guide rode his bike down the tunnel - The Tarantula flew into the loading bay - The Spirits came out and everyone had a great time on this very Light Hearted Tour of the Bunker - 

December 14th -    FINAL TOUR OF THE 2014 SEASON -
SATURDAY DECEMBER 20th - Gates Open 1.45pm - Tour Departs 2.30pm (Or earlier if full) JOIN US for this Final Guided Tour with added features & a few surprises + Free Coffee & Mince Pie !

December 11th -  That's the full number of years RAF Holmpton was owned by the Ministry of Defence - They Purchased the site on the 28th August 1952 and Sold it on 8th December 2014 - 62 years of Defence History.

December 9th -  The YORKSHIRE FLAG was raised on the Guardroom Flagpole at 8.05am on Tuesday 9th December 2014 - We will now be Proudly Flying the Yorkshire Flag over the Former Royal Air Force Holmpton.

December 9th -  The LAST RAF STANDARD was Lowered on the Guardroom Flagpole at 8am on Tuesday 9th December 2014.

December 8th - Following purchase of the Land & Buildings comprising the former Royal Air Force Holmpton - We plan to undertake a Major Refurbishment of the whole site - To enable us to carry out this work we will be Closed Throughout 2015 as we work towards bringing you a TOTALLY NEW VISITOR EXPERIENCE.

December 8th - At 12.45pm today the former Royal Air Force Holmpton passed from The Ministry of Defence to private ownership bringing 'The End Of An Era' of Use of this Site by the Military from 1951 to 2014.

December 8th -  At 12.45pm Today the Ministry Of Defence ceased to own Royal Air Force Holmpton - The site was first purchased by the old Air Ministry in 1952 becoming operational in 1953 as A ROTOR RADAR STATION - The radar station closed in 1974 and the site was converted to a new HQ for RAF SUPPORT COMMAND in 1980 remaining in use until the end of the Cold War in 2001 - The site was then used as an experimental test facility for the new UK AIR CCIS SYSTEM from 1995 and the 1st Public Exhibition opened here in 2004.
RAF AIR COMMAND retained responsibility for the site until 2012 and the Ministry of Defence retained ownership until December 2014 - Bringing to a final end over 60 years of Defence History.

December 8th - OUR LAST TWO TOURS OF 2014 are on Sat 13th & Sat 20th December - Gates 1.45pm - Tour 2.30pm or earlier if full - On the 20th There will be a Specially Extended Tour with Added Features as our Last Tour of 2014 - Join us for a Free Tea/Coffee & Mince Pie before the tour on the 20th !


18th November - If you missed out this year there is STILL TIME TO VISIT - as we are OPEN EVERY SATURDAY up to and including the 20th December - Gates open Every Saturday at 2pm and the Tour departs at 2.30pm. See our TOUR OPENING TIMES PAGE for Full Details- Please Remember Saturdays Only !

1st November - Many Thanks to ALL our visitors over the Half Term Week - This was one of the busiest Half Terms we have ever known - We are only sorry that we had to turn some of you away as we were full - If you did miss out remember we are open Every Saturday until the 20th December - Hope you can still make it for a Visit.

23rd October -   HALF TERM 25th October to 1st November  - We are OPEN Sat 25th / Sun 26th / Wed 29th /Thu 30th /Sat 1st - Gates 1.45pm - Ticket Office 2pm - Tour 2.30pm (or earlier if full) - Note: We are not open on Sunday 2nd.

10th October - Restoration Works underway on Building NO 11 that was in serious need of some TLC - The first area to be tackled was 'Lupins' Room and in due time the whole building will be restored with new windows and new timber.

20th September - BT to the Rescue as high winds and trees took out our land line to the Guardroom and also our Enquiry Line - A Fast response replaced a well worn our cable - Thanks again to the Lads from BT.

16th September - Visit by members of Hull Rotary Club who attended for a Special Morning Visit.
16th September - Our Autumn Season is now underway - Open Every Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm on each of these days.

13th September - 20th ANNIVERSARY OF HODS - A Fantastic Day with a large number of visitors to the Morning & Afternoon Sessions - Our grateful thanks
to former members of the Royal Observer Corps who came along to 'man' the ROC NBC Room and relate their experiences with our visitors - Very much enjoyed by all - Thanks Again.
13th September - EVERYTHING JUST £1 (Or less if priced) - We are just about to start refitting our SHOP so we are having a CLEARANCE SALE of ALL REMAINING STOCK - Once it's gone it's gone !

27th August -  For the rest of the Season Until November 1st we will be open Every Sat/Sun/Wed/Thur - The Gates & The Ticket Office will open at 2pm and the Tour will depart at 2.30pm - or earlier if  full - Please be sure to allow time for your arrival as we aere unable to admit latecomers.

27th August - A very BIG Thank You to all our August Visitors making it a very busy time at The Bunker - Sorry we were unable to get you all in but it was exceptionally busy this year.

12th August -  Visit by 'Secret Cycling Group' who joined the tour in the sunshine but got caught later in a downpour - We hear that one of them suffered a 'mishap' on the way home and we wish her well hoping it was not too serious.

10th August - Visit by the 'Lincoln Colonia' Harley Davidson Owners Club - Members of the club joined the public tour this afternoon - Sadly due to the very heavy rain no bikes this time - But hats off to them for still coming along by car and enjoying the tour - Hope the weather is better next time for a return visit !
8th August - IMPORTANT - We can get very busy at Peak Times so please be sure to allow time for your arrival - Gates open at 1.45pm - Ticket Office Opens at 2pm - Tour Departs at 2.30pm (or earlier when full).

4th August - 2300hrs A Single Light Burns in the window of the Guardroom at RAF Holmpton.

3rd August - OUR MASCOTS Lupin the Border Collie & Crystal the 'Ragdoll' Cat - Photographed yesterday 2nd August - Dog loves to pose but the cat won't stay still !

1st August - SUMMER SEASON - Please 'Be Sure' to allow time for your arrival for our Tours asw we do get very busy during August - The gates are always Open at 1.30pm - The Ticket Office Opens at 2pm and the Tour will depart when we are full (2.30pm at the latest) - We are always sorry to disappoint but like all Visitors Sites when we are Full there is nothing we can do to accommodate more people, but we are Open Every Day Throughout August.

22nd July - Visit by the GRENOSIDE Local History Group from Sheffield - When 32 members of the group enjoyed a special afternoon visit to the Bunker at Holmpton.

20th July - - SUMMER SEASON - July 23rd to August 28th  - OPEN EVEY DAY - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm

9th July - Look what the Dog Found (Again) 4th year running a Baby Small Owl - Now passed on to Owl Rescue we hop this Little 'Cutie' will have a charmed life ahead. Note: Since 2011 Lupin our Dog has found and rescued 6 baby Owls to date !

30th June - SUMMER SEASON - July 23rd to August 28th  - Open Every Day - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm - Plus: Holiday Monday August 25th - Gastes 11am & 2pm - Tours 11.30am & 2.30pm.

20th June - Due to the Promoter COMPASS PARANORMAL going out of business their Ghost Hunts booked for the 12th July & 7th November 2014 have been cancelled - Please contact Compass direct for any refunds - RAF Holmpotn has no association with Compass other than renting them the venue.
18th June - The Annual HAY MAKING off our 36 acres - The Horses at the local Livery Yard in Patrington will be very happy to see this all arrive in their feed store.

15th June -   Visit by the Lincoln Branch of the MG CAR CLUB with a fine selection of MG Sports Cars including two lovely Vintage Examples - Members joined the afternoon tour for a 'Full House' visit of the Bunker and after the tour our public visitors were able to inspect the cars before departure.

10th June - Private Afternoon Visit by Retired Farmers Group.

8th June - Visit by the MORLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY (Leeds) when 32 members of the Society attended for a special morning group visit, then goin on to Fort Paull for the afternoon - WWIII for the morning and WWI & WWII for the afternoon.

6th June 2014 - We are delighted to have received the 2014 TRIP ADVISOR EXCELLENCE AWARD - Many thanks to all our reviewers.

6th June - NOW OPEN for the Spring Season (June 7th to July 20th) - Every Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm.

2nd June - MANY THANKS to all our Visitors during the Half Term Week making this a record breaking time with most of the tours full to capacity.

May 29th - Due to the Rain and it being Half Term we have been exceptionally busy over the past few days resulting in our tours filling to capacity very fast or even before opening time - We are sorry but once we are full we just can't admit any more people. like all venues we do have a safety capacity and it would be irresponsible for us to overload - Please allow time for your arrival and if you can't get in we hope you can try to come back at a quieter time - We are open until the 20th December !

May 18th - Visit by the 'St Ledger HOGS' Iron Horse Rally - Harley Davidson Owners Club - On a fantastic sunny afternoon for this amazing private visit to RAF Holmpton. Private visits can be pre booked at any time for the year just email us at for full details.

May 17th -
A truly 'Fantastic' night was had by all on this special SAFARI tour into the depths of the bunker and behind the scenes - Revealing the History oif RAF Holmpton, it's construction and technical workings - So 'In Depth' that the visit started at 7.30pm was scheduled to end at 10pm and in fact concluded at 11.20pm ! So our guests entered in bright sunlight and left under the cover of darkness - Thank you all for coming along & we might even do this again next year - Roll on 2015.

April 30th - Visit last Sunday by TIPEC the independent Porsche enthusiasts club - A foggy afternoon but some lovely cars !

April 27th - MANY THANKS to all our visitors over the Easter Holidays making it a bumper Easter Season for the Bunker.

April 10th - OPEN FOR EASTER HOLIDAYS - Wed 16th to Sunday 27th April EVERY DAY - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm + Good Friday & Easter Monday with an extra morning tour - Gates 11am - Tour 11.30am - Please BE SURE to allow time for arrival gates are always open 30mins before advertised times.

April 10th - Please note that Radio Events have been cancelled until further notice due to Radio Station refurbishment works.
April 3rd - Saturday 7th May - Gates 7pm - Tour 7.30pm - End 9.30pm to 10pm - THIS EVENT HAS NOW SOLD OUT - You are welcome to email us: to join the waiting list for any return tickets. 

March 26th -  Visit by members of the BP (Saltend) Society - Where past employees of BP at Saltend Hull attended for a special Morning Vist to the Bunker.

March 23rd - Visit by the Mazda MX5 Car Club Owners who joined the 'Full House' afternoon tour this Sunday.

March 22nd -   FANTASTIC GHOST HUNT TONIGHT with Compass Paranormal - Just one of 3 of these events this year at Holmpton so BE SURE to book if you want to come along - Next events July & November - SEE OUR GHOST HUNTS PAGE FOR FULL DETAILS.
March 15th - See our SPECIAL EVENTS PAGE for details of               This is your chance to join a SAFARI TOUR of the Bunker at 7pm on Saturday 17th May - Seeing things never usually seen by visitors - Details of how to book on our Events & Groups Page.

March 6th - We are currently OPEN EVERY SAT/SUN - Gates 2pm Tour 2.30pm.

February 27th - Our 2014 Season got off to a great start for the Half Term Holiday and from now until Easter we will be open Every Sat & Sun - Gates 2pm - Tour 2.30pm.

February 14th -
Don't Forget - We OPEN on Saturday 15th February - Just in time for Half Term - SAT/SUN/WED/THUR - Gates 2pm - Tour 21.30pm - With our ALL NEW FAMILY FRIENDLY TOUR.
January 30th - A REAL bit of History - It's 1975 - The Radar station at Holmpton has closed - Off go the explosives and down comes the 200ft CHEL Radar Tower.

January 27th - COMPLETED - Throughout the Cold War there were literally thousands of emergency warning points around the UK. Police Stations - Pubs - Hospitals - Churches and even Private Homes in isolated areas. These were all controlled from a national warning system called HANDEL and now at RAF Holmpton you will be able to see a Fully Working Console from the HANDEL system along with a display of the equipment associated with it over the years. Not only a display, but a FULLY WORKING SYSTEM the only one still in the UK.

January 27th - COMPLETED - The Historic 1960's Message Centre that was the original communications hub of the Bunker has now been fully restored. The original supervisor galleries have been re-opened exposing for the 1st time in over 40 years the original windows. The area also now displays the largest collection of authentic teleprinters in the UK and visitors will be able to see these machines springing to life during public tours.
January 1st -
Our 2014 season starts on 15th February for the Half Term Week - Bringing with it a Host of New Features for the New Season - New Films - New Presentations & Demonstrations including a massive new screen in the RAF Support Command Cinema and a New Show in our Main Auditorium.

January 1st -   We are also pleased to introduce our new Family Friendly Tour for 2014 which will feature on 'What the Bunker Did' as opposed to our past theme of what might have happened. So some of the more scary stuff has gone as we concentrate on the more human side of the story. The only restriction is that the tour is not suitable for under 5's as it's still 1hr 45mins underground which is just too much for them, and if they get upset it spoils the visit for everyone else and is not fair on the little ones. So parents please note and just bring them back when they are 6 !